Journey Angels was born as a life mission of husband and wife Cesar and Carmen Vasquez.

JOHNNAOMI_BW-200widthIt was founded in 2012, started as a social media site where they share positive, inspirational and channeled messages with a clear mission of publishing and producing materials as books and videos to spread light to the world.

The main goal of Journey Angels is to guide everyone to find their inner power and to reconnect with the divinity and the light beings who have been always with them since the moment they were born: Their Angels.

The energy you will find in this site is the energy you are prepared to receive; “The teacher shows up when the student is ready”; and as Cesar and Carmen state:

“We are not the truth, the truth is inside you. Reconnect yourself with the source and just take from us what resonate and vibrate with you. So, find your inner-self and do not let anyone guide your life; your answers are already inside you and your soul knows the path. Journey Angels works just as a guide to bring you the information you are ready to receive”.